Eat, Eat, Eat, Repeat this is what a Foodie needs. We, as a nation, have mastered the art of gastronomy. India is undoubtedly a heaven for people who love and live for food. Hot and spicy street food is like a bite-size bundle of joy. The street food in India is probably the best in the world. India’s heart lays in street food the spicy, mouthwatering and tangy. You can fall in a love affair with the lip-smacking street food. Mumbai without bhelpuri is incomplete so do Indore without it’s across the globe famous chaats or what about Punjab without samosa and what about Gujarat without panipuri, lilva kachori and handvo. All these cities or state are at some point recognized by the street food they serve, Street Food forms a big part of any culture. When somebody mentions ‘street food’ in an Indian context, you immediately think chaat. And yes, chaat is India’s most famous street food; it is the symbol of the soul of our cities and in many of our metros and towns, it is the signature food. Street Food represents almost one-quarter of global foodservice outlets and transactions, it’s an expression of local culture and exhibits great diversity. The one thing that discourages people in the season of monsoon and keeps them away, is the unhygienic conditions in which street foods are made and sold. We at WATERSHOTS belives HYGIENE as the ethos of our business and are committed to serving Hygenic Street Food with the same taste as found at the street without affecting the taste with our pinch of technology in it.

Who We are?

“Watershots” a venture of Discora Technology Private Limited. We are committed to serving best in class Authentic and classic INDIAN CHAAT’s.

With our constant innovation and use of technology, we ensure that our irresistible street food is safe and hygienic.

Our Belief

We believe in partnering with like-minded professionals for a mutually beneficial relationship. We empower our partners with all the resources that they require to market our products, capitalize on upcoming opportunities, maximize sales and enhance profitability.

Our Vision

To be among the best and hygienic street food serving joint. Watershots is an organization founded by entrepreneurs, fueled by entrepreneurs and focused on helping entrepreneurs succeed. As a dedicated Street Food franchise system, Watershots offers a structured, professional and proven franchise system that can be used as the foundation for building one’s own business.

Our Mission

To revolutionize the chaat food industry with technological advancement and to serve our customers with hygienic and lip-smacking street food.

Our Values

Inspired by our vision, driven by our mission, and underpinned by our values, Watershots is committed to excellence and Innovation. Excellence in the freshness and quality of our products and services.

Our Innovation

Hygiene is the ethos of our business and the same has been made possible by the constant innovation by Team Watershots.

With the introduction of Semi-Automatic panipuri cart, we have made the Hygiene factor possible for street food.

The semi-automatic panipuri cart is having an entertainment screen placed at each nozzle of the cart, the machine can serve 5-10 people at a time.

Idea<br> Generation


Feb 2017

Pilot<br> Phase Launch

Phase Launch

Nov 2017

1<sup>st</sup> Cart Launch<br> in Ahmedabad

1st Cart Launch
in Ahmedabad

Mar 2018

Launch<br> at Bangalore

at Bangalore

Jan 2019

Launch<br> at Surat

at Surat

Jul 2019



Aug 2019



Feb 2020

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